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About Your God Lilith


How it Started

From a young age, I have always felt a deep spiritual connection to the Universe. I learned that I was magnetic and had many Abilities that most people would find 'scary'. I chose to dig deep, learning how to expand my abilities and awareness. My journey took me down the path of Magic, Manifestation, Demonology, and Witchcraft. Through all I learned, I began to understand not only myself better, but others too. I have worked for many years with those who feel unconventional to expand their base beliefs and spirituality. Just because it doesn't fit the status quo, doesn't mean it's wrong.

I have extended my spiritual abilities into Magic, Psychic readings & healing, Tarot, Astrology, Hypnosis, and Spiritual BDSM & Power Exchange.

Although my journey has long been started, it is far from over as I aspire to help many grow into their truest self by creating a community of curious dark magicians just like me.

Welcome to my army. 

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