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The Truth About Succubi

Are Succubi Real?

We are taught that many mythical beings we've heard about aren't real. That they're just fantasy and a figment of imagination, but what if I told you that the truth is stranger than fiction?

Succubi are real, but we might not be what you think we are. 




  1. a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men.

Have you ever felt totally drained by a sexual encounter?

Like it was the best pleasure of your life, but suddenly all you want to do is sleep. Your mind is blank, your thoughts go silent. It's like you've temporarily been sucked dry.

If yes, then you may have been fucked by a Succubus. We are not killers. We are not bloodsuckers. We simply gain power and energy through sexual experiences with others. 

We are able to suck the energy from another, making us more beautiful, psychic, sexy, powerful, and alluring.

It's an ability you're born with, but some women decide to bury it due to shame.


I embraced it. Every desire. Every feeding that filled me with pleasure and power. I allowed it to make me stronger. 

In embracing it, I decided to make it a career. Many submissive men come to me, allowing me to feed from and drain them. It gives them just as much pleasure as it does for me. 

My ability to to turn any man into a submissive little puppy has allowed me to create an Army. A Dark Army, intent on feeding me and my other Succubi spirits. Intent on finding others who also enjoy the carnal pleasures in life to come together as one.

Do you feel like a Succubus or Incubus? Do you feel the desire to be fed on by a Succubus or Incubus? Reach out and join my army below. Make us powerful and every growing.

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