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Chastity Training

I've had some sissies show interest in posts about chastity training, and I'd love to cover it!

Chastity is extremely important for a sissy, and though it's not mandatory; it's a large part of the sissy culture.

Let me explain why:

The pleasure gained by being a sissy comes from the act of pleasing. Your looks, your personality, everything about you is based on turning men on.

When having sex, a sissy is focused on getting her cock off. A sissy gets off from getting a cock off. In fact, nothing feels better to a sissy than to be fucked and to suck; but all this takes training.

It rarely comes immediately or naturally, mostly with practice.

That's where chastity comes in. Wearing your chastity device ensures that your clitty is never being touched. It's never being used and the focus is always on your holes.

You are a doll. A sex object. Nothing more than that and that is all you'll be used for.

The first plan of action is to wear a chastity device with your favorite butt plug.

See how good it starts to feel that plug inside of you while you're all locked up with no ability to touch.

See! You're learning ;)

Oh, the joys of being a sissy.

Here's a link for my favorite chastity device.

Lock that clitty up!

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