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Instagram Update + Patreon

Updated: Aug 11

SO much has happened in the past week alone! Where to start?

Well, #1 My Instagram was reported, so I won't be allowed back on for at least a month! I know, it's very sad news but I do have something good to make up for that sad news.

I have started a Patreon and not only is it affordable, but it's packed with sissy videos, tips, tricks, brainwashing, and so much more. It's much cheaper than buying my videos one by one, but if you prefer that way, I'm not mad!

I'll post the tiers for each Patreon membership below and let you pick which works for you!

Of course, I suggest you get the $15 a month so that we can live chat; but there's nothing wrong with $5. Ultimately, I want to be able to train you at any price so that you can be the best sissy you can be for Mistress.

Regardless of the membership tip, you'll have access to all my video content!

What do you think, should I make another Instagram or let it go and stick to the blog and Patreon?

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