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Our own sissy world + Huge Announcement

Updated: Jan 9

I'm so excited by the recent contacts and traffic this site has been receiving! As you all know, I love guiding sissies and helping them become their best feminine selves.

The more contacts I receive, the more I realize that I have a lot of sissies to train ;)

With that being said, I want to let you all in on something that's quite frankly a HUGE deal.

I'll be creating a sissy training system right here on my website, tailored to fit you and your personal sissy needs.

Welcome to Mother Lexie's Virtual Sissy Training Program. I will have both a virtual clip store, where you can invest in mesmerizing and brainwashing content as well as a discreet and real-time texting service so that we can talk and guide you through the day.

I expect my store to be open before my texting service begins.

You can expect my video store to be up and running by tomorrow.

I will also be creating a sissy forum where we can talk among ourselves and you can learn from Mommy herself, along with other sissies who are also in their transformation phase.

This is your safe transformation space, where we can talk about style, fashion, slut activities, sex tips and tricks, and sissy pampering. I'm so excited to make this change and create our first little sissy society!

Any other recommendations? Feel free to send them to me using the chat icon on my site.

I read all of your messages, which is why I've decided to move forward with these new surprises.

Thank you all for your loyalty, and this is only the beginning!



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