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  • Lilly Lucifer

Picture yourself on all fours...

Being guided by my sexy body on a leash as I pull you like the dog you are, bringing you closer and closer into my hellish lair.

I open my dungeon and lock you up, cuffing your wrists and your ankles, removing all control.

I pull your cock out of your underwear and stroke it until it's throbbing hard.

Your heart is pumping hard, you have no idea what's to come...

I light my candles and begin to chant. You have no idea what I'm saying, but suddenly you're feeling weaker and confused. The room is getting smaller as you fade in and out of consciousness.

Before your vision fully fades, you see what appears to be a demon rise from the ground to embrace me. He slides my black see-through robe off and the last thing you see is his horns rubbing against my face as he embraces me.

'This can't be real', You think to yourself as your vision fades to black.

Suddenly, you wake up with cum dripping down your leg, the fogginess lifts and you look down to see that you've been milked for god knows how long. The pile of cum below your feet hints that it must have been for hours.

"...Goddess?" You muster up the energy to say, "W-what happened?"

"Shhhh, Don't worry about it, my good boy." I begin to mumble something under my breath. At first, it sounds like gibberish, but you shortly realize it's another chant.

"Goddess? Goddess, no please not again!" You scream, but it's too late, you're fading out again, and as you lose your consciousness you realize your fate.

You're nothing more than my helpless sex slave, unable to be free. Want to know the worst part about it? You did this to yourself.

Now sleep and be milked, my good boy.



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