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Thick lips, wide hips

Hey sissy,

Did you know that subconsciously, men associate the lips on a woman's face with the ones in her panties? It's true! That's why they love big thick lips. It means you have a nice thick juicy pussy and it also means that your lips feel SO good sliding up and down their cock.

Want to know why they love wide hips? Because it shows that you have a large girth. You can handle a nice big wide cock.

I know my sissy can do all of the above. She can suck a mean cock with those DSLs. She can swallow up a big cock whole with that tight little boi pussy. My sissy slut can do it all because I've trained her to.

I've trained you to stretch those holes for me, haven't I?

Speaking of, how is that hole stretching going? Having fun with those butt plugs and dildos? Call me! Let's talk about it ;).

Call Me

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