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Your Brainwashing is Here

Omg! I am absolutely astonished and SO excited by the attention my blog has gotten!

I knew that my passion would reach others who also love what I do, and I'm so glad it has!

Now the time has come to begin our brainwashing. Thanks to your support, I have finished creating my content store, and I've begun to load it up with videos.

It took some time between work and talking to my sissies, but it's been done and I can't wait to add more and more! So far, I've added seven sissy brainwashing videos and a texting and custom video package.

I just can't wait to start brainwashing my sissies, and hopefully to start talking to you all one on one.

Remember, my forum is free and I love to hear from my sexy sissies and see what you're wearing on there!

All of my content is affordable as I want nothing to stop you from growing into your best slutty self.

Lastly, Mommy is so proud of you and your openness to this slutty transformation!

We are building a Sexy Sissy Army, and I just can't wait to have it take off ;)

There is so much more to cum and I've got a few sexy video ideas for this week.

If you have any recommendations, you can find a video recommendation field in my store.

Happy Feminization!



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