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Your Sissy Prophecy

I told you it would feel SO good to embrace yourself as you truly are.

A sexy, slutty, big titted bimbo with a mission to sin and make cocks cum!

It took is no time at all to cum to this conclusion, but I want to make sure it sticks.

I want to make sure that no matter how things may change in the future, your desires to be my sinful little slut stay the same.

Your brainwashing is not done yet.

I have a few more videos I want you to watch.

They're really going to set things in for you.

Set in just how deeply your need to sin and please runs.

Set in the fact that you can't escape it, nor can you escape your addiction to me.

The time has come now to finish it all up, my slut, and step into the Bimbo you were always meant to be.

Aren't you so proud of yourself?

I know I am, and daddy Satan is too ;)

Now, let's solidify your ticket to hell.

Watch the Videos below to set this deeper:

I'm going to train you myself,

showing you all the ways it feels SO good to have your holes used.

Fucking your face with my strap on, and bending you over and fucking your boi pussy too.

It's going to feel so good to finally know what it's like to be used like a true whore.

We'll go over every detail of what it takes to be a slut, and when it's settled, you'll get some brainwashing too.

I'm completely confident in my ability to turn you into a total whore.

Oh and don't worry, before you know it, you'll be tit fucking cock like a pro ;)

The first step to acceptance is removing all shame, and I'm going to help you do it. I want you to be an unapologetic slut!

I know that this is what you desire.

To be the object of every man's lust, having your gorgeous big breasts bounce up and down as he slides his big dick inside of you.

Who wouldn't want this feeling? People pay thousands to have it, and pretty soon, you will too.

I really want you to close your eyes and imagine your hands rubbing all over those gorgeous big breasts of yours. Caressing your nipples and feeling the, grow harder and harder.

It feels so good doesn't it? It's that feeling you've always wanted. Imagine yourself bouncing up and down on a big fat cock as that man admires your gorgeous big perky tits. You'll be sure to have him in a trance with his cock ready to explode.

All you have to do is release the hangups. There's nothing terrible about wanting big tits. In fact, I want you to want them SO badly that you don't give a shit what other people thing about it. You're going to get your tits and nothing and no one is going to stop you.

You're going to finally know what it feels like to be an irresistible fuck doll.

Are you ready to know what it feels like?

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